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Loan Policy

    1. Loan eligibility for Library Materials
Patron Category
Type of Materials
Open Shelf
Red Spot
Full time Student
14 Days
( 6 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
Part time Student
14 Days
(2 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
Postgraduate Student
30 Days
( 12 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
Lecturer / Management Staff
30 Days
( 12 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
Part time lecturer
14 Days
( 2 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
Administrative Staff
14 Days
( 6 items)
1 Day
( 1 items)
14 Days
( 2 items)

2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The library can obtain materials which are not in our collection from other libraries, whether through Inter branch loan, Libraries of Local Public Institution of Higher Learning, Private Institution of Higher Learning, Government Department / Ministries & other bodies. UniKL Library offers ILL and Document Delivery services to facilitate library users as well as library members.

2.1 ILL Entitlement

Category Fee Loan Facilities Privilages
UniKL Branches
No. of book according to user category / 1 month-(can be extended upon request)
All Collections (OS only)
External members
(Other libraries)

Photocopy service charges and postage only.
4 books / 1 month - (can be extended upon request)
All Collections (OS only)

3. Responsibility of Borrowers

Items charged out on a personal identification card remain the responsibility of the individual named on that card. All eligible borrowers are expected to have a current address and latest phone number in the patron record.

3.1 Books can be renewed in person or twice over the online (or telephone)provided there is no requestor.

3.2 Borrowers are responsible for recalls at all times, they should make arrangements for responding to the recall and the prompt return of the item(s) to the Library.

3.3 Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on time and in good condition, without evidence of defacement, mutilation, or water damage.

3.4 As a reminder to borrower, a date-due slip is placed in all materials.

3.5 As a courtesy, overdue notices/ reminder will be sent to students from the library system.

3.6 Library materials should be returned to a staff member at the Circulation Counter located on the 14th floor or they can be dropped in the book drop located at the entrance of the library.

3.7 When materials are overdue/ lost/ damage and/or fines are not paid, fines and penalty will be imposed to the respective borrower. (Please refer to item 4,5,6 and 7 for detail)

4. Damage item
4.1 A full-time library staff member will determine the extent of an item's damage. Damage can include, but is not limited to, water damage, stains, writing or highlighting, burns, missing pages, broken spine, or scratches.

4.2 Borrowers will be charged a RM 30.00 fee for each badly damaged item needing repairs.

5. Fines imposed for late materials

Patron Category
Item Category
Open Shelf
Red Spot
UniKL Staff and Students
Rm 0.20 per day for each book
( maximum late fee is RM 50.00)
Rm 0.20 per hour for each book
( maximum late fee is RM 50.00)
Who has overdue more than 3 month will be blacklisted

6. Lost Materials

6.1 Lost books: cost of replacement (current price of books ) plus RM 20.00 administrative fee plus late fee for each book.

6.2 Payment procedure for lost items
6.2.1 Borrower needs to fill in a payment slip (3 copies) available at the Library counter.
6.2.2 Counter staff will fill in the amount need to be paid.
6.2.3 The borrower needs to bring the form to Finance Department and pay the amount due.
6.2.4 Finance Department will produce payment receipt to the borrower.
6.2.5 The borrower needs to return copy 2 and 3 (of the payment receipt) to the library for library record purposes.
6.2.6 Circulation staff must inform the Academic Department immediately, to lift any ban (if it has been done).

7. Barring procedure

7.1 Library Counter staff will list down all borrowers who recorded unsettled overdue/ lost and/or fines before the end of every semester

7.2 Any borrower who have recorded lost item or fines exceeded RM 50.00 will be suspended from loan privilege until they settled the amount due.

7.3 For final semester students, they will need to get clearance from library counter. Any borrower who recorded lost item or fines exceeded RM 50.00, a hold will be placed on the student's record and this will block registration for graduation and the release of transcripts.

8. Appeal

If a borrower wishes to appeal against any penalty imposed on him/her, he/she may do so by informing the counter staff and by completing an Appeal Form available at the counter.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing a fine.
  • Lack of knowledge of loan regulations

  • Failing to note due dates

  • Failing to renew on time

  • Failing to read overdue notices put on Library notice board

  • Failing to receive reminder notices, either electronically or by mail

  • 8.1 Appealing Process

    8.1.1 If a borrower wishes to appeal, he/she need to fill up an appeal form available at the circulation counter.

    8.1.2 Complete and submit the appeal form and attach any supporting documents, (for example, a doctor certificate to accompany an appeal on medical grounds).

    8.1.3 Many appeals often entail a comprehensive search of book stacks and online records over several days.

    8.1.4 Serious cases which could not be solved at the library management level will be extended to the University Academic Committee (UAC). Response of the UAC will be communicated to the borrower within 7-10 working days after the meeting.

    Confidentiality of Library Records

    The University of Kuala Lumpur Library Services protects the confidentiality of every individuals personal information, circulation records, and use of library materials and resources. Such records shall not be made available to anyone other than that person, except under court order or other form of due process which has been reviewed and approved by the Academic Division.